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UPDATED: Wildfires Near Magnolia & the TRF

I was rather surprised to find several emails in my in-box this morning inquiring for information about the wildfires near the Texas Renaissance Festival and the city of Magnolia.

The Beefeaters are currently not at the festival site, and not a very good source of news or information. One of the Beefeaters was there on Monday, and reported that smoke was coming from the woods just east of Todd Mission and they decided to leave and by 5pm the fire was well east and south of the festival, with the wind blowing in a south-west direction.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is doing an excellent job of posting updates on their Facebook page ( and Twitter feed (!/texrenfest), you should monitor those sources for information.

Currently they are reporting that the festival site was not burned and is being used as a staging are for fire crews. The area is still under an evacuation order, but the fires are 80% contained.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected and those fighting the fires.

UPDATE 9 September 2011, 14:30

Houston Channel 13 has video of a fire-fighting  DC-10 dropping fire retardant over the fires. You can see the Texas Renaissance Festival, unharmed,  in the background:

The Texas Forest Service has an excellent interactive map of current fire perimeters:

Weather Underground also has an excellent interactive map. You’ll have to play with the filters on the right side of the map to get only fire info, but it also can display smoke cover:


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  1. The Riley Road fire declared 100% contained as of 15 September 2011. 🙂

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