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Week Five Winners of TRF Tickets Announced! Last Chance Next Week.

Week five in our Beefeater’s Fan Contest winners are Eric Barker, Harlan Petty Jr., Monica Williams, Ashley Wolff and Wendy Easterling. All will receive two Texas Renaissance Festival tickets good any day courtesy of the TRF Beefeaters! The winners have been notified by email.

The last chance to win is our drawing next Wednesday. If you already have entered you are still entered for subsequent drawings, no need to enter again.

Thanks again to all of our fans,

See you at the gates… Until then, ‘Fare thee well!’


Sir David Falstaff

Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

6 thoughts on “Week Five Winners of TRF Tickets Announced! Last Chance Next Week.

  1. I have been unable to reply to Capt David Falstaf’s emails. I won last weeks drawing.
    Please put the tickets under the name Virginia Chapman Bugai

  2. Harlan Petty Jr is my Husband! We are so excited!!!

  3. I can’t believe it!!! I was just asking around to see if anyone had any extras so we could more easily afford the 1000 mile round trip down for Celtic Christmas, and there was the email in my inbox!!! How exciting!!!

  4. I see my name but no email. 🙁 must be a different Monica Williams.

    1. The email I sent to the Monica Williams who won tickets was returned. Will it be working now?

  5. Oh pick me …. Pick me…. I have the Brady Bunch

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