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TRF Will Be Open 8 October as Scheduled

I continue to receive inquiries as to the state of the Texas Renaissance Festival site and whether or not the festival will be open this year, etc. While I am glad so many of you regard the Beefeaters as an authoritative source of information, we aren’t the Texas Renaissance Festival and we are not currently at the TRF site, and I’m not really the best source of information at the best of times, especially before I’ve had my coffee.

That being said, the festival will be open as scheduled 8 October 2011 at 9 a.m., and the Beefeaters will be at the gates (most likely before 9 a.m.).  The Texas Renaissance Festival site did not receive any fire damage, and all evacuation orders have been lifted in Grimes County.

The Riley Road fire continues to burn, and is 85% contained as of this writing. We continue to offer our thoughts and prayers for those affected by and those battling wildfires in Texas.

The city of Magnolia is returning to normal and is hosting “Stroll Through the Renaissance Festival” at Sullivan Park 5 to 8 p.m. on 1 October 2011. More information here and here.

Thanks again for supporting the Texas Renaissance Festival and the Beefeaters!

See you at the gates… Until then, ‘Fare thee well!’