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Texas Renaissance Festival Sets Attendance Records

If you were at the Texas Renaissance Festival this past weekend you probably already know, or at least guessed this, but we set a single day attendance record of 42,088 and a two-day weekend attendance record of 69,602! This beats the previous records of 39,722 and 66,662 from 1999. Continue reading Texas Renaissance Festival Sets Attendance Records

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Dusty and Muddy; First Weekend Had Something For Everyone!

After all the news and questions about the wildfires, burn ban, smoking ban and warnings about escaped monkeys, (yes, a monkey warning), it was almost a relief when the festival opened and we could get to taking tickets.

The weekend started out pretty good, Saturday attendance was even better than opening day last year, but Sunday was a little slower to say the least. It’s hard to complain when we got what we’ve been praying for for so long, a good day of steady rain. This weekend the weather looks to be excellent, so it should be a busy one! Continue reading Dusty and Muddy; First Weekend Had Something For Everyone!

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First Week a Success, Second Week May Be Even Successier!

Well first weekend was great! It wasn’t the busiest opening day we’ve ever had, but a great Sunday crowd made the weekend quite a start to the year! The weather may be even better this week (if that’s possible) so we are expecting more great crowds this weekend.

No real problems at the gates other that those darn print-your-own tickets. They are really popular with the customers, but they slow Continue reading First Week a Success, Second Week May Be Even Successier!

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Sherwood Forest Faire – Opening Day! 2-27-10

(Pictures of Sherwood are posted in the picture galleries)

We went to the new festival, Sherwood Forest Faire, without very high expectations. After all, it is brand new. We have seen many a start up festival here in the North Texas area fail quickly…

And of course, our biggest obstacle was that we have TRF to use for comparison. I had to keep reminding myself that this was not going to be in-line with TRF by any fashion, – it is simply too new. It would not matter if they were just as large, had as many shows and actors, or anything. It is new, and has not had the chance to build its own “magical” feel that a well-established festival like TRF has. I had also been keeping track of their progress on the Sherwood web site, and had been thinking that they may have been rushing things a bit. Looking back after being there, I am actually very impressed with how much they got done in the amount of time they did it in.

We decided to go on opening day. What better way to get a feel for what it could become. (We hope to return before it ends, and see what changes (if any) they do, and see how the shops and actors stand up to multiple weekends.) After enduring many weeks of cold, harsh, rainy and snowy weather in North Texas, I was worried about conditions when we went. The weather in Texas can still get a bit nasty in February, and without much notice as we all know! However, the weather on opening day could not have been better! It started out sunny and cool, and developed into a wonderful mild temperature that lasted throughout the day. Perfect for a light jacket! Continue reading Sherwood Forest Faire – Opening Day! 2-27-10