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By The Numbers: 2016 Week Seven

The sun came out, the temperatures cooled, and the patrons descended on the festival in droves. Combined with untimely railroad maintenance, equipment failures and the start of a holiday week combined made the seventh weekend one to remember!

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By The Numbers: 2016 Week Six

This is the week last year we finally got break in the bad weather that plagued the festival all season, and it was a big one. This year the weather was near-perfect for being outdoors, and again it was a busy weekend. This is kind of weather we look forward to all summer. Continue reading By The Numbers: 2016 Week Six

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By The Numbers: 2016 Week Five

Coming off School Days fifth weekend and the Roman Bacchanal seems to be one of the less popular weekends for attendance. I don’t know if because of where it falls on the calendar, or the theme or if it’s something else but it left me wondering what the weekend would bring. Continue reading By The Numbers: 2016 Week Five

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By The Numbers: 2016 Week Two

Continuing my discussion and comparisons about the Texas Renaissance Festival attendance and weather, looking at the Second Weekend 2016- 1001 Dreams. In total contrast to last week, this weekend’s the weather was rather unpleasant, and not just for someone wearing a heavy double-breasted tunic. (Lots of people falling out from the heat!) It did not, however, deter guests from attending. The fairies are always popular with the families.

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By The Numbers: 2016 Week One

It was suggested to me that I that I should write a little every week about the attendance numbers from the weekend and maybe compare them to the previous year as well as provide a little information about weather conditions or other factors that affect attendance. OK, challenge accepted! Continue reading By The Numbers: 2016 Week One

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2015 TRF Entertainment Schedule and Map

The TRF Beefeater’s website has been updated with dates, information and prices for the 2015 season, and as always, we continue to provide free downloadable Texas Renaissance Festival Entertainment Schedule and Map, all available on the TRF Information Page of our website. The downloads are Adobe .PDF files so you’ll need the free Adobe reader to view and print the files. We’ve also given the Current Weather page a bit of a polish, have the Attendance page ready to go, and the photographer is on standby for the ever popular Photo Galleries!

Enjoy, and we’ll see you at the gates!

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All Hallows Eve 2013 was all about the weather.

Beautiful weather Saturday brought out guests in droves. The print-your-own tickets were especially popular this week, and those take a little more work on our part. (Think about the difference between handling printer paper and card stock). I also took over as much of the scanning of tickets as I could with the goal of freeing up the rest of the Beefeaters to focus on greeting everyone instead of just taking and scanning the tickets. I was so busy in fact I was mostly unable to enjoy in one of my favourite parts of AHE; costume watching. Still I managed to spot a few interesting ones. Lots of  Shreks. Lots of Waldos. Lots of anime characters, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Pokemon being the most numerous of these, but a few more obscure ones too. Lots of Star Trek, the weirdest being the couple in the courtyard taking turns spanking each other. (Yeah, me neither.) Multiple Doctor Whos. Legions of Storm Troopers, Jedi and Darth Vaders. Scads of Zombies. A fair number of Sailors. (What, was it Fleet Week too?) Some of the good ones were the ‘Fantasy Horses’ who I later heard placed in the costume contest. I have a feeling I missed some really good costumes though.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning we experienced what was dubbed by some as a ‘Ren-nado’ when strong winds and thunderstorms roared thought the area. Trees and tents and even a RV were sent flying in the camp-grounds. No serious injuries were reported, but more than a few people had damage or got soaked. Several patrons came up to the gates Sunday to verify their tickets would be good another day, (in almost every case they were) and then proceeded to pack-up and head home to dry out.  The rain had all but stopped by the time the gates opened, and quickly cleared up after that, but the damage had been done because everyone south of us was still in the middle of the storm, which kept attendance low for the day.

I started to feel sorry for myself since we had a little damage and some things got soaked, but others fared even worse, and I got over my self-pity. Poor Deb the Tree Lady had a tree fall onto her RV actually trapping her inside. She wasn’t injured but had to be rescued, and the trailer is probably a total loss. A fund has already been started to help her out, and I hope all works out well for her.

Another hazard I discovered on a slow AHE Sunday is that there is a lot of candy around for the taking, and I was suffering quite the sugar buzz by lunchtime. Oh, and don’t bother eating the Smarties, They don’t help.

Prepare to be boarded! Pirates this weekend.