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Spring has sprung

Or my back is at least. Yard work all weekend. went through 10 bags of garden soil. West side flower bed ½ weeded. (still have half to go) Amaryllis have already shot their wad and only 2 moon flower plants are coming back. Planted flowers and seeds saved from last year’s moon flowers.

Front of house now has two beds of flowers. And removed a ½ ton of bricks from the flowerbed, not sure what previous owners were thinking.

East side reclaimed the herb garden, removed another ½ ton of bricks and previously unknown about pavers from the area. Still don’t know what the previous owners were thinking but now have enough bricks to build the walkway and patio for a bench in the back yard corner.

Planted tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, basil and rosemary. Filled 5 hanging baskets of color for the back yard.

Productive but aching.

3 Responses to Spring has sprung

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    Capt Falstaff says:

    “Jenny, Jenny, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?”

    Why Jenny, I had no idea you were a garden hoe!
    Sir David Falstaff
    Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

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    Jenny says:

    Oh, sometimes I like to get dirty. 😀

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    Sgt. Wheatfield says:

    If you leave the “herbs” alone you won’t feel like you have to do all that work. :O

    Colour Sgt. Bartrand Wheatfield