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First Week a Success, Second Week May Be Even Successier!

Well first weekend was great! It wasn’t the busiest opening day we’ve ever had, but a great Sunday crowd made the weekend quite a start to the year! The weather may be even better this week (if that’s possible) so we are expecting more great crowds this weekend.

No real problems at the gates other that those darn print-your-own tickets. They are really popular with the customers, but they slow us down at the gates, and make what should be a simple job harder than it should be. I’m sure people don’t like to have to wait in line just to get into the festival. Sorry if you had to wait. We try to get everyone through as fast as possible, honest!

Nothing too silly from the Beefeaters (yet). Wendy blessed us with her presence, and thankfully Rebecca did not. Hopefully they will both pay us another visit by the end of faire! DeeBee taught Gabby how to screw, so now when Gabby screws something, it stays screwed! Gabby declared that his deck wasn’t going anywhere, which of course means now it’s only a question of when, and how far, it’s going. We got a new table so stout two or three Beefeaters could get up on it and sing. Not that that would be a good idea, but at least the table would be in no danger of collapsing.

Oh, the Info-Girls got little Beefeater voodoo dolls and they take great delight in torturing us by proxy. Stop by and ask them to demonstrate.

See you at the gates!
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters