TRF : Then and Now

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  1. […] Beefeaters, Retired) has been busy posting pictures from his archives. His new photo album “TRF : Then and Now” will be a real treat for long time festival-goers or the those just curious about TRF […]

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  3. I would love to see a photo of the ogre sometime between 1984-1988….he was extremely tall (drywall stilts?), dead frogs & spiders in his beard, snot coming from his nose. The grossest thing ever! So great-I loved him! Live in Minnesota & our Renaissance Festival doesn’t even have an ogre. I’d so appreciate!!!!
    [email protected]

    Pls. make sure you spell it right! Thanks a million!!

    1. One of the Ogre’s songs with a Kazoo from childhood: “Bite my bone…Baby, baby, you’re so neat, but I know that you won’t eat my meat, so bite my bone, so bite my bone. Yeah!

      1. Baby Baby, don’t be a phony, won’t you (try?) my big baloney, down in my pants

  4. I worked there back then and he would sing a song Fart in my bag then blow his horn……. he was so cool and was the best looking guy out of make up and dress….. wish I had pics from back then.

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