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By The Numbers: 2017 Week Six

It will be a short update this week, as we also had our annual School Days this week. More Renaissance Festival means less time at the keyboard, for better or worse!


  Saturday Sunday Total
2017 33,065 35,684 58,749
2016 42,209 36,151 78,360

While the numbers for the weekend were not as impressive as last year, (Those were really good numbers in 2016) they are better than the previous five year average attendance for the date of 30,358 for Saturday and 29,062 for Sunday. Hey, every weekend can’t be a record right?


Saturday Sunday
2017 Partly Cloudy, High 85°, Low 72°, 72% Avg. Humidity Partly Cloudy, High 86°, Low 72°, 71% Avg. Humidity
2016 Partly Cloudy, High 85°, Low 61°, 70% Humidity Fog then Partly Cloudy, High 86°, Low 64°, 73% Humidity

Gah! After a nice cool (OK, cold) weekend last week, we were back to hot and muggy. It was a good weekend to be a shirtless barbarian, that’s for sure!

School Days


  Tuesday Wednesday Total
2016 29,597 30,861 60,458
2016 34,426 35,187 66,613

The numbers were down slightly from last year, but you wouldn’t know it from the feel of the crowds. I will say that the addition of a fifth gate made large improvement in getting the students and chaperones through the gates. It’s always a bit of a trial for us since thirty thousand arrive all at once, usually over a period of just two hours, instead of the seven or eight hours of a typical thirty thousand day. I made it much more pleasant from the guests point of view too, I’m sure. The kids always seem to be in a good mood and ready to have a good time regardless.


Tuesday Wednesday
2017 Mostly Cloudy, High 85°, Low 63°, 70% Avg. Humidity Overcast, High 62°, Low 53°, 85% Avg. Humidity
2016 Cloudy & Rain (0.14 in.), High 81°, Low 66°, 75% Avg. Humidity Partly Cloudy, High 86°, Low 68°, 83% Avg. Humidity

Tuesday continued the warm and muggy theme of the weekend, but the evening saw the arrival of a cold front. Wednesday was grey and cold. Note that the high of 62° was at midnight, and during the day the temperature never got above 56°. A slight mist started in the afternoon but actual rain held off until after the close.

This weekend’s forecast looks spectacular, and the buzz for the new Heroes and Villains has been vary positive, so this week may be a really busy one. Pack your patience, and don’t go through Magnolia and it should be a fun time for all!

See you at the gates… Until then, ‘Fare thee well!’
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

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  1. Does the the Beefeaters eat vegetables?

    1. Yes, and occasionally free range chicken, but keep that to yourself please. 😉

  2. You guys were awesome. And so is Kim who generously gave us tickets for kids who flooded in Harvey. We all couldn’t have done it without you.

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