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By The Numbers: 2017 Week Seven

A good weather forecast, a pleasant weekend and all the Heroes and Villains in their new costumes coming out en masse to have a good time combined to give us our best attendance of the year so far, and even felled a few records!

Sure, it got a little crazy once or twice, with fighting equipment failures and for a while we were letting people enter through the exit gates so they didn’t have to wait so long to enter, but from the Beefeater’s viewpoint things ran relatively smoothly.


  Saturday Sunday Total
2017 46,010 36,969 82,979
2016 45,531 36,071 81,602

If you look at the attendance page for this year 46k is obviously the busiest day so far for 2017 but it is also the record for seventh (formerly sixth) Saturday and seventh (formerly sixth) weekend total. On top of all that it was also the 4th busiest day in Texas Renaissance Festival history.


Saturday Sunday
2017 Partly Cloudy, High 74°, Low 58°, 66% Avg. Humidity Partly Cloudy, High 79°, Low 60°, 64% Avg. Humidity
2016 Clear, High 78°, Low 55°, 55% Avg. Humidity Partly cloudy, High 75°, Low 54°, 70% Avg. Humidity

This year, like last two, was perfect weather for attending an outdoor festival; not too hot and not too humid, it was a good couple of days to just be outside.

This weekend shaping up to be a big one with the beginning of the holiday season with the children out of school and many already taking days off from work, combined with the popular Highland Fling and a nice weather forecast.

Oh, and the third busiest day in Texas Renaissance Festival history? That was on the eighth (formerly seventh) weekend during Highland Fling! Prepare accordingly, be patient, and plan a route to faire that doesn’t go through Magnolia, and you should have a great time!


See you at the gates… Until then, ‘Fare thee well!’
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

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  1. HI there – can someone tell me how to get the gate pictures? 18Nov power outages faired no pics at the fair. I would appreciate it…

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