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Naked Dancing guy…..ummmmm is he hiding in Beef camp?

Dallas cops seek naked backyard dancer

If you happen to be a pudgy naked guy with a penchant for boogying in the buff, Dallas police would like a word with you.

Apparently, some weirdo has been bursting into random people’s backyards in his birthday suit and either dancing or — if there’s a pool – skinny-dipping before running away.

According to The Dallas Morning News, police believe he may have been doing it since 2005.

Ummm … That’s one way to meet your neighbors.

Police say in each incident, the dude has either climbed over fences or walked right on in through open gates.

And then, the dancing begins.

One time, police say he even jumped on top of an air conditioning unit, go-go dancer-style.

In the instances where the homes have pools, police say the pudgy perv does a water routine. You know, like Esther Williams, but … disgusting.

The problem is, no one really knows what the guy looks like because he always covers his face.

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3 thoughts on “Naked Dancing guy…..ummmmm is he hiding in Beef camp?

  1. Does he have a Canadian accent?

  2. I couldnt climb the fence any more! 🙁

  3. Wait – skinny dipping in the pool. Did he “run away” or escape on a scooter?

    Either way: wasnt me – was just curious.

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