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Meet the New Tickets. (Not the) Same as the Old Tickets

New Tickets
Not Your Father’s Renaissance Festival Tickets

Most guests probably don’t really care as long as they get in the festival, but there is a new ticket system at the TRF this year.  Other than drinking beer, tickets are pretty much our reason for being, so we care at any rate.

Almost all of the tickets now print-on-demand and will have a barcode and will have to be scanned at the gate. Hopefully that part will work well and most guests will not even notice, but the nice thing about tickets, even scannable ones, is that they are decidedly analogue, and we can just take them if we have to.

This interesting thing behind the scenes with the new system is that it will allow the TRF much more flexibility in their tickets, so expect to see many different kinds of tickets and packages on offer.  In the past tickets had to be ordered from the printer months in advance, now if the marketing department comes up with a new promotion, they can just print the tickets.

From our point of view it will be nice that all these ticket offerings won’t result in plethora of sizes and colours of tickets to keep track of as all the new tickets will be printed from the same stock.

Of course that means we’ll have to actually read what’s printed on the tickets, and after 4:30 in the afternoon that may be expecting too much of some of the Beefeaters…


See you at the gates… Until then, ‘Fare thee well!’

Sir David Falstaff

Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters


*As always, ticket information can be found on the TRF website or by calling the TRF at 1-800-458-3435