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Like Us on Facebook & Win Texas Renaissance Festival Tickets!

Facebook Logo Now’s your chance to put that Facebook account to good use, or even justify getting one!

We like our fans, and we like it when they “Like” us on Facebook. (I know, we’re a bunch of egoists, what can I say?)

Anyway, as a thank you for all that “Like” now through 23 November we are running a sweepstakes for all of our Facebook fans.

Entering is simple and takes less than a minute. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and fill out a short form on our “Fan Contest” Tab. Every Wednesday for the next six weeks we’ll pick winners at random from all the entries received thus far. If you win you’ll be notified by email, and given instructions on how to pick up your tickets. (Official Rules Here)

Enter now, and we hope to see you at the gates with your free tickets soon

Good luck!

P. S. Does anyone else notice all the unintentional humour caused by “Like” being in quotes?

7 thoughts on “Like Us on Facebook & Win Texas Renaissance Festival Tickets!

  1. Winning tickets would be a great thing!!!

  2. 😛 😀 Awesome bunch that work at TRF !!!!!!

  3. 😀 love the Renaissance Festival –

  4. who won the free tickets this week? will it be posted on here? I would love a pair of free tickets, it would be a great getaway with my husband and no daughter for a few days since she is a friends 🙂

    1. We just started this week, so I won’t draw the first winners until next Wednesday arond noon. I’ll post an announcement.

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