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Follow Us on Twitter & Win!

Twitter logoAre you already part of Twitter or are you looking for an excuse to join in and start “Tweeting” Well, here’s your chance!

By creating or using a Twitter account and following the TRF Beefeaters, you’ll be entered into our “Build-a-Following” contest.  When we reach 100 followers we’ll pick one at random to receive two complimentary passes to the 2011 Texas Renaissance Festival, at 200 we’ll pick another, and so on up to the first 500 followers.  So the sooner you follow us the more chances you have to win.

You’ll also be able to enter our “Twitter-only” contests, where you can win things like complimentary passes to the 2011 Texas Renaissance Festival, collectable Beefeaters T-Shirts and more.

We’ll let all of our Twitter followers know about these contests a few minutes before they happen, so the only way you’ll be able to win is to keep an eye on Twitter and follow us!

And as an added bonus for following us you’ll be the first ones to know about website updates as well as other things we post from time to time, like the day’s Festival attendance, Rugby results and maybe our thoughts on different ales.

So start following us, and who knows,  you could be our next big winner!

Rules Here