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Eating Our Way Through the Weekend

Ah, the second weekend weather was pure bliss after the hellish sauna of week one. I was tempted to say I was a bit chilly couple of times, with the alternative still fresh in my mind from the week before I didn’t dare say a word. The crowds reflected the nice weather too, as we had around 30,000 both days setting a second weekend attendance record.

This week our goal was to sample some of the new foods at the festival this year. First up was the Teriyaki Chicken at new Asian Food booth… What’s that? We’re Beefeaters, how can we possibly eat anything but beef? OK, look, if we are going to name ourselves based on what we consume then we’d have to be called the Beerdrinkers. Somehow that doesn’t really have the same charm to it does it? I really can’t believe you don’t want us to have little variety in our menu. Really, beef all the time gets a little boring. Will it help if I tell you it was free range chicken? No? Well you’re just going to have to deal with it because the Teriyaki Chicken is really good. You get a fair portion for your money too. I’m sure I’ll be going back for lunch again soon. The eggrolls there also really tasty (Thanks Rick)! No, it wasn’t a beef eggroll. Again with the Beefeater thing? Ok, Ok, the Hacienda San Jorge is now a BBQ restaurant. I got to sample their offerings on Sunday, I highly recommend it! Yes I sampled some of the roast chicken, though only a little, I really was after the sliced beef which was really, really good. The Hacienda San Jorge is run by the lovely Mrs Giles, who has been a fixture at the festival for many years, and who always takes good care of the Beefeaters, I’m always glad to give her my custom.

Finishing up with this week’s food theme, part-time Beefeater Savannah visited us on Sunday afternoon and managed to make J.D.’s pickle spurt halfway across the courtyard with one bite. No I’m not going to explain that any further.

Sir David Falstaff

Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters