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Dusty and Muddy; First Weekend Had Something For Everyone!

After all the news and questions about the wildfires, burn ban, smoking ban and warnings about escaped monkeys, (yes, a monkey warning), it was almost a relief when the festival opened and we could get to taking tickets.

The weekend started out pretty good, Saturday attendance was even better than opening day last year, but Sunday was a little slower to say the least. It’s hard to complain when we got what we’ve been praying for for so long, a good day of steady rain. This weekend the weather looks to be excellent, so it should be a busy one!

Saturday again kept us busy with the print-your-own tickets, but I was prepared this year and brought in extra help. Still the only thing I did for the first half of Saturday was scan-scan-scan.  I think it was Tuesday before I got that beeping noise out of my head!

Sunday we got just shy of 2 inches of much-needed rain, which was wonderful, but slow days seem to last forever, and it was a real challenge at times to stay awake. I heard one of the actors in the afternoon say “There may not be many people here, but those that are here have a great attitude and want to have fun”. Uh, that because the Beefeaters and Info Booth sorted them out at the gate and dealt with the grumpy ones up front before they got to you. (You’re welcome). Really most of the people who came out were having a good time.

It’s harder than you would think to give things away. I’ve been working all week to set up some contests so I could give away some tickets. Facebook are really particular about what you can and cannot do. Anyway I think I have it all sorted and you can now enter to win tickets on our Facebook page. I plan to give away at least one pair of tickets every Wednesday between now and Thanksgiving, so enter early!

Finally I have to say, the Beefeaters did nothing outrageous, funny or worthy of reporting. I’m really disappointed in them. I’¢ll give them a stern warning not to let it happen again!


See you at the gates!


Sir David Falstaff

Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters