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RIP Elroy Forbes

Obit of Former TRF King and my cousin.
Which I had intended to post back in January but didn’t. For some reason I cannot get the picture to load.

OBIT from the Houston Chronicle


ELROY WESTVEER FORBES, JR. passed from this earthly plane Sunday, January 24, 2010. He was the son of Elroy Westveer Forbes, Sr. and Virginia Lee Triplet Tomlin. Born on May 28, 1940, he was the first of the family to be delivered at St. Joseph Hospital, Houston.He attended schools at Garden Villas (Houston), Manvel, and graduated from Alvin High School. Elroy attended The University of Texas briefly, served in the U.S. Navy from 1961 through 1966, and then graduated from the University of Houston in 1969.Elroy’s business career was as varied as his educational one. He was a in public relations, a publisher, an author, an actor, and a Renaissance Man. He was the Publisher of the Houston Scene Magazine in the mid-1970’s and 80’s. He relished the role of Santa Claus for the Foley’s Christmas Parade, Houston City Hall Tree Lighting, the Houston Symphony and for the lighting of the Uptown Christmas Tree. His Clause & Co. was a part of many families’ Christmas. He was the Publisher of the E.W. Forbes Directory, the author of “The Power of Thank You,” and a winner in the Ten by Ten Scriptwriters Contest. Elroy was a founding member of the Council of Self Esteem and a proud tuba player in the Houston Pride Band. He was an active participant in the Houston political scene. Elroy loved to paint and many canvasses hang on the walls of friends and family. His greatest role was that of brother, friend, and genuinely unique individual.He is survived by sisters Joyce (Dr. Charles) Bownds of Pikeville, TN, Edna Forbes of Quitman, TX; brothers Edward “Eddie” (wife Mary Forbes) of Angelton, TX, Donnis Tomlin (wife Judy) of Alvin, TX, Doyce Tomlin of Houston, TX, Teddy D. Tomlin (wife Elizabeth) and Roy Tomlin (wife Tori) of Austin and his friend and companion Phil Smith. He leaves behind many nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends who will feel his passing.The viewing will be Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 5-8 p.m. at the Bradshaw-Carter Home located at 1734 West Alabama Street, Houston, TX 77098. The funeral will be at Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church (RMCC), 2025 W. 11th, Houston, TX on January 28, 2010 at 2 p.m. Graveside services will be Friday, January 29 at 10:30 a.m. at Houston National Cemetery.

Given his penchant for tardiness, we hope Elroy will appear on time.

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Sherwood Forest Faire – Opening Day! 2-27-10

(Pictures of Sherwood are posted in the picture galleries)

We went to the new festival, Sherwood Forest Faire, without very high expectations. After all, it is brand new. We have seen many a start up festival here in the North Texas area fail quickly…

And of course, our biggest obstacle was that we have TRF to use for comparison. I had to keep reminding myself that this was not going to be in-line with TRF by any fashion, – it is simply too new. It would not matter if they were just as large, had as many shows and actors, or anything. It is new, and has not had the chance to build its own “magical” feel that a well-established festival like TRF has. I had also been keeping track of their progress on the Sherwood web site, and had been thinking that they may have been rushing things a bit. Looking back after being there, I am actually very impressed with how much they got done in the amount of time they did it in.

We decided to go on opening day. What better way to get a feel for what it could become. (We hope to return before it ends, and see what changes (if any) they do, and see how the shops and actors stand up to multiple weekends.) After enduring many weeks of cold, harsh, rainy and snowy weather in North Texas, I was worried about conditions when we went. The weather in Texas can still get a bit nasty in February, and without much notice as we all know! However, the weather on opening day could not have been better! It started out sunny and cool, and developed into a wonderful mild temperature that lasted throughout the day. Perfect for a light jacket! Continue reading Sherwood Forest Faire – Opening Day! 2-27-10

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Bill Pendley passes.

Todd Mission Police Chief and Grimes County Commissioner Bill Pendley passed away last Thursday, 14 January 2010.

Bill was a friend and good man, and I never saw a situation Bill couldn’t handle, a person he couldn’t help, or a problem he couldn’t solve. He touched my family’s lives for a number of years, and I thank him for it.

He loved his wife and family very much, and he will be missed.

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So which numbers are the correct ones?

I received a question in my in-box this week:


Captain, I notice that the numbers you post on your website don’t always agree with what’s in the ‘News of the Realm’ that I get every week coming the gate. So which numbers are the correct ones?

I am absolutely shocked that anyone would ask this question. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that anyone actually read the ‘News of the Realm’.

I’m not even sure who in the office actually writes the newsletter, or where they get their information from, but I get my numbers from the people who actually count the tickets. Sometimes they are not done verifying the count before I leave for the day, and I have to correct my numbers a little when I get the updated info, but you can generally count on me being accurate.


Sir David Falstaff

Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

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2009 Week One:What’s new (and old) with the Beefeaters

I was both excited and worried as the Beefeaters were to get new uniforms and new ticket scanners this year. both have been problematic in the past. I’m happy to report that the new uniforms are outstanding, needing only a few alterations (and belt loops) to make them darn near perfect.

The ticket scanners, not so much. We only use them for the ‘Print Yer Own’ tickets but even when working perfectly they slow us down horribly. This year the TRF got a new system for the PYOs, and our part, the scanners, (how do I put his politely?) suck. We weren’t even close to busy on Saturday, but it sure felt like it because they are so slow. Of course this means that often we have to forgo actually scanning the tickets, and just take them to be entered into the system later. I’m sure it won’t take too long before people start to realise this and take advantage.

We have most of the same crew back this year, with the exception of the brothers Schuless & Woody, who had other commitments this year, and we added our new stamp-girl Savannah. Cat calls her our (beef) bouillon cube, but I think that suggests something artificial and not as good as the real thing. In the past we called the girls “Beef Wenches” but Savannah’s too sweet and innocent* to call a wench, so I’m opting for “Beefette” for now.

Well, one weekend down, seven to go. It’s all downhill from here right? (er, you know what I mean…)

Next: Week Two

*Is that coughing I hear from the back row?
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

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Blog Posts, 2009 Week One:Weather & Attendance


I was determined I would do weekly posts this year during the festival. Well that didn’t exactly happen last week, but I’ll try and do better. I’ve decided instead of doing a long detailed post per weekend, (Cat, I have no idea how you find the time…) I would try and do smaller, “bite-sized” posts as time allows.

Weather & Attendance:

So starting out about the first weekend: How about that weather? With an official high of 66

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Texas Renaissance Festival information updated for 2009

This includes the downloadable map and schedule.

The only real change of note for this year is that ticket prices at the gate have gone up to $23 for adults and $11 for children.

At the gate is the worst place to buy tickets anyway, you should always get them at one of the outlets.

Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters