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2009 Week One:What’s new (and old) with the Beefeaters

I was both excited and worried as the Beefeaters were to get new uniforms and new ticket scanners this year. both have been problematic in the past. I’m happy to report that the new uniforms are outstanding, needing only a few alterations (and belt loops) to make them darn near perfect.

The ticket scanners, not so much. We only use them for the ‘Print Yer Own’ tickets but even when working perfectly they slow us down horribly. This year the TRF got a new system for the PYOs, and our part, the scanners, (how do I put his politely?) suck. We weren’t even close to busy on Saturday, but it sure felt like it because they are so slow. Of course this means that often we have to forgo actually scanning the tickets, and just take them to be entered into the system later. I’m sure it won’t take too long before people start to realise this and take advantage.

We have most of the same crew back this year, with the exception of the brothers Schuless & Woody, who had other commitments this year, and we added our new stamp-girl Savannah. Cat calls her our (beef) bouillon cube, but I think that suggests something artificial and not as good as the real thing. In the past we called the girls “Beef Wenches” but Savannah’s too sweet and innocent* to call a wench, so I’m opting for “Beefette” for now.

Well, one weekend down, seven to go. It’s all downhill from here right? (er, you know what I mean…)

Next: Week Two

*Is that coughing I hear from the back row?
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters