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TRF Announce Replacement for Fireworks

The rumours were true; the Royal Fireworks have been replaced with Ye Olde Laser Light Show™. Details here:

Sarcasm aside, I am glad they have come up with a show of some kind to end the festival. I remember the days before there the fireworks, and the festival just kind of faded to an end. Having a definite finale to the day has always been better in my opinion.

Trying to reserve judgment on the laser thing, but I’m going to need some convincing.


One Response to TRF Announce Replacement for Fireworks

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    Jenny says:

    I am glad they have come up with some Finish to the day. But the only laser light show I have seen, outside a planetarium, was played against a hillside backdrop. I thought you needed something to bounce the lights against to get effects.