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Texas Renaissance Festival Sets Attendance Records

If you were at the Texas Renaissance Festival this past weekend you probably already know, or at least guessed this, but we set a single day attendance record of 42,088 and a two-day weekend attendance record of 69,602! This beats the previous records of 39,722 and 66,662 from 1999. And we may not be done yet; in the past attendance peaked around the fourth weekend, but in the last decade the busiest weekends have been moving later into the season, and since an eighth weekend was added we’ve seen some of our busiest days last weekend and with the addition of Thanksgiving Friday we’ve even had back-to-back 30K days. So, who knows, if temperatures keep running ten degrees above average will we see back-to-back 40K attendance days?

(Edited 16 Nov. 11 to correct mistakes in my figures)

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