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How Many Jacks Are They? One can Turn Into a Human Torch Land Pirates - 2014 Right Before the Cannon They Didn't Have Styrofoam? Dynamic Pose There James (Alias J.D.) Shopping Time? I'm so cute in the uniform!


Happy Christmas From The Beefeaters!

Here’s wishing you an yours a very happy Christmas from the The Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters! Hope Father Christmas brought you everything you wanted. He brought us rain!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family. Be safe and maybe we’ll see you over the weekend.

Your Friends,

The Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

What’s Old is New Again

[SinglePic not found]In our continuing effort to give you something to do until the start of festival, and as I teased in my last post, Capitan George (TRF Beefeaters, Retired) has been busy posting pictures from his archives. His new photo album “TRF : Then and Now” will be a real treat for long time festival-goers or the those just curious about TRF history.

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Blast From the Past

The-1st-Beef This week I have a special treat for long-time fans of the Beefeaters, or at least long-time attendees of the Texas Renaissance Festival. Capitan George (TRF Beefeaters, Retired) has added some vintage pictures from the way-back-when file to our ‘Days Gone By‘ photo album.

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The TRF Beefeaters FAQ (Yes, we really are asked these questions. Constantly.)

Do you know where the bathroom is?


Where’s the nearest bathroom?

I love this one. Do you honestly think that after you come up and tell me that you have to go, I’m going to keep that little tid-bit to myself?

Are there bathrooms inside?

Well, there are lots of bushes. OK, yes, in addition to the one outside the gates there are ten more privies (bathrooms) inside with a total of 302 flush toilets, and 245 urinals for the guys. You can relax now.

May I take your picture?

Of course! It is what I live for!

What do I do if I need to go to the car?

This is usually followed by a lengthy explanation of why they need to go to the car. It’s OK; just get a hand stamp when you exit. Also, you are not required to tell us all the details of what you did when you come back either. (Unless it was kinky, Bartrand likes to hear that sort of thing).

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Guarding the gates of the Texas Renaissance Festival are the Beefeaters. Stalwart defenders of the gates of New Market village, they are a small detachment of the finest of the Yeomen of the King’s Own Guard sent to New Market to secure the village for the King’s annual progress, and ensure only invited guests are admitted to the festivities. Flamboyant and raucous, their importance can not be overstressed, as they are the first of the King’s subjects that greet the guests on their way into the festival, and the last that they see as they start their journey home.

From the Captain of the Guard:

Good day to thee! and welcome to the Yeomanry web site of the Texas Renaissance Festival. During the festival season the patrons pass by us Beefeaters so quickly on their way in, we barely get to know them. We realize this is solely due to their eagerness to enter the grounds and festivitate, but we wanted to provide a chance for people to stop and get to know the men beneath the skirts. Enter our realm, and enjoy thy stay!


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Second Verse, Same as the First

Not really much to say about this week. It was pretty much a carbon copy of last weekend, just without the online discount tickets to deal with, and a lot more fairies.

Dust. Lots of dust. No rain for weeks, and when tens of thousands of people start shuffling around it gets everywhere. It’s bad for us allergy Continue reading