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Pretty Peeking  - 2012 The White One is a Bit Tight Hawking For Riders Looks Like It Hurts to Play - 2015 So Much Food Good looking Beefeater But, He Is Good Which Beefeater is This?


What’s Old is New Again

[SinglePic not found]In our continuing effort to give you something to do until the start of festival, and as I teased in my last post, Capitan George (TRF Beefeaters, Retired) has been busy posting pictures from his archives. His new photo album “TRF : Then and Now” will be a real treat for long time festival-goers or the those just curious about TRF history.

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Blast From the Past

The-1st-Beef This week I have a special treat for long-time fans of the Beefeaters, or at least long-time attendees of the Texas Renaissance Festival. Capitan George (TRF Beefeaters, Retired) has added some vintage pictures from the way-back-when file to our ‘Days Gone By‘ photo album.

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My favorite Picture from the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Funny Moment


Because, well you know.