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By The Numbers: 2017 Week Three

After what amounted to two opening weekends it was time to settle in for the rest of the run of the 2017 festival. Pirate weekend is a fan favourite and historically on the calendar this weekend can be a hot one. We weren’t disappointed on either count as a shipload of people had a hot time at the ole festival this week!

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All Hallows Eve 2013 was all about the weather.

Beautiful weather Saturday brought out guests in droves. The print-your-own tickets were especially popular this week, and those take a little more work on our part. (Think about the difference between handling printer paper and card stock). I also took over as much of the scanning of tickets as I could with the goal of freeing up the rest of the Beefeaters to focus on greeting everyone instead of just taking and scanning the tickets. I was so busy in fact I was mostly unable to enjoy in one of my favourite parts of AHE; costume watching. Still I managed to spot a few interesting ones. Lots of  Shreks. Lots of Waldos. Lots of anime characters, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Pokemon being the most numerous of these, but a few more obscure ones too. Lots of Star Trek, the weirdest being the couple in the courtyard taking turns spanking each other. (Yeah, me neither.) Multiple Doctor Whos. Legions of Storm Troopers, Jedi and Darth Vaders. Scads of Zombies. A fair number of Sailors. (What, was it Fleet Week too?) Some of the good ones were the ‘Fantasy Horses’ who… Continue reading

Week Four Winners of Texas Renaissance Festival Tickets Announced!

Week four in our Beefeater’s Fan Contest yields yet more winners. Autumn Hernandez, Marchelle Schlenker, Jarrod Fredericks, Bonna Knox & Joe Newman all will receive Texas Renaissance Festival tickets courtesy of the TRF Beefeaters! The winners have been notified by email. Continue reading

More Winners of Texas Renaissance Festival Tickets Announced!

I bet you thought I would forget to pick winners this week since we are busy with School Days, (which is going brilliantly, I might add), but I didn’t forget and am happy to announce that Shelly Kelly, TomPfaff , Sonya Raetzke, Casey Crosby and Jaded Kitty are this weeks Texas Renaissance Festival ticket recipients courtesy of the TRF Beefeaters! The winners have been notified by email.

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Second Week’s Winners of Texas Renaissance Festival Tickets Announced!

This week I’m happy to announce that Natalie Angel, Sarah Frenzel, Shelley Osburn , Lara Crump and Haley Fritz all won a pair of tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival courtesy of the TRF Beefeaters! The winners have been notified by email. Continue reading

Dusty and Muddy; First Weekend Had Something For Everyone!

After all the news and questions about the wildfires, burn ban, smoking ban and warnings about escaped monkeys, (yes, a monkey warning), it was almost a relief when the festival opened and we could get to taking tickets.

The weekend started out pretty good, Saturday attendance was even better than opening day last year, but Sunday was a little slower to say the least. It’s hard to complain when we got what we’ve been praying for for so long, a good day of steady rain. This weekend the weather looks to be excellent, so it should be a busy one! Continue reading

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