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By The Numbers: 2016 Week Three

We had a pretty good idea what to expect going into the weekend, the weather forecast had promised amazing weather and Pirate Adventure is always a fan favourite so we expected large crowds:


  Saturday Sunday Total
2016 41,370 34,139 75,509
2015 6,673 1,747 8,420


As you can see we were not disappointed. Interestingly while neither the Saturday nor Sunday is an attendance record, the total for the weekend is, making this the busiest third weekend in festival history. Notice that number for Sunday 2015? That is also a record, the lowest single day attendance for a day that the festival was open, also the record lowest ever total for the third weekend. We actually closed one day in 1998 due to flooding, the only time that’s ever happened, also on the third Sunday of the season.


  Saturday Sunday
2016 Clear, High 77°, Low 46 °, 45% Humidity Partly Cloudy, High 81°, Low 52 °, 51% Humidity
2015 Rain (3.78 in.), High 76° (1am), Low 68 °, 92% Humidity Rain & Wind (1.89 in.), High 68° (2am), Low 61 °, 93% Humidity


This year’s weather was, thankfully, a far cry from third weekend last year. We had absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor event. The only negative I can think of was all the dust stirred up by that many people walking around. This week looks to be a little warmer, but still looks like a great weekend for AHE.

See you at the gates… Until then, ‘Fare thee well!’
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

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