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Sleep? You can sleep when you’re dead! Get back to work!

This is a late update since the week after Halloween was School Days, and we stayed at the TRF where access to the Internet, computers or even hot water can sometimes be a bit iffy. Since then I’ve felt sleep deprived and behind in R.L. Hmm, must be sixth weekend of the fair. Continue reading

Can You Say Consistent?

We’ve had attendance of 27K and change every Saturday so far this year, and Sundays have all been within 1,900 people of each other. Weird huh? Oh well, we’re on a good pace for the season, which should make management happy.

Looking back at the weather it’s been really consistent too, temperature wise. However, that’s only half the story as the humidity was really up this week and boy what a difference that made. Hot and moist, and not in a good way. Well, I do recall much hotter days at the TRF, so I guess it could always be worse!

We had a new recruit working with us on Saturday; Paul. He’s no faire virgin, but is new to the Beefeaters. He did really well taking tickets and interacting with the patrons, so I knew something had to be wrong, Sure enough, he got lost whilst on a beer run! How he could fail so miserably at one of the basic tenants of Beefeating I don’t know. I blame his parents. At any rate I have put him on probation and warned him that I expect immediate improvement in… Continue reading

Second Verse, Same as the First

Not really much to say about this week. It was pretty much a carbon copy of last weekend, just without the online discount tickets to deal with, and a lot more fairies.

Dust. Lots of dust. No rain for weeks, and when tens of thousands of people start shuffling around it gets everywhere. It’s bad for us allergy Continue reading

First Week a Success, Second Week May Be Even Successier!

Well first weekend was great! It wasn’t the busiest opening day we’ve ever had, but a great Sunday crowd made the weekend quite a start to the year! The weather may be even better this week (if that’s possible) so we are expecting more great crowds this weekend.

No real problems at the gates other that those darn print-your-own tickets. They are really popular with the customers, but they slow Continue reading

First Weekend Is Upon Us!

Hope everyone is ready for opening weekend of the 2010 Texas Renaissance Festival., I know the Beefeaters are. The front gates have been spruced up a bit, the Beefeaters are mostly sober (won’t last), and Autumn is definitely in the air. With a good forecast I expect good crowds this weekend, so we may be a bit busy if you stop by to say “Hello” 🙂

-Capt. Falstaff

P. S. For those interested, while I intend to have attendance statistics posted by Monday morning, quite often I post them in the evenings after the gates close.
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

Texas Renaissance Festival information updated for 2010

Very minor updates this year. TRF haven’t even updated the site map.

As always the schedule and map on our site are available for download, unlike certain other websites.

Only five weeks ’till festival starts, time to start getting ready!
Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters

Bill Pendley passes.

Todd Mission Police Chief and Grimes County Commissioner Bill Pendley passed away last Thursday, 14 January 2010.

Bill was a friend and good man, and I never saw a situation Bill couldn’t handle, a person he couldn’t help, or a problem he couldn’t solve. He touched my family’s lives for a number of years, and I thank him for it.

He loved his wife and family very much, and he will be missed.

2009 Week One:What’s new (and old) with the Beefeaters

I was both excited and worried as the Beefeaters were to get new uniforms and new ticket scanners this year. both have been problematic in the past. I’m happy to report that the new uniforms are outstanding, needing only a few alterations (and belt loops) to make them darn near perfect.

The ticket scanners, not so much. We only use them for the ‘Print Yer Own’ tickets but even when working perfectly they slow us down horribly. This year the TRF got a new system for the PYOs, and our part, the scanners, (how do I put his politely?) suck. We weren’t even close to busy on Saturday, but it sure felt like it because they are so slow. Of course this means that often we have to forgo actually scanning the tickets, and just take them to be entered into the system later. I’m sure it won’t take too long before people start to realise this and take advantage.

We have most of the same crew back this year, with the exception of the brothers Schuless & Woody, who had other commitments this year, and we added our new… Continue reading

Blog Posts, 2009 Week One:Weather & Attendance


I was determined I would do weekly posts this year during the festival. Well that didn’t exactly happen last week, but I’ll try and do better. I’ve decided instead of doing a long detailed post per weekend, (Cat, I have no idea how you find the time…) I would try and do smaller, “bite-sized” posts as time allows.

Weather & Attendance:

So starting out about the first weekend: How about that weather? With an official high of 66

Texas Renaissance Festival information updated for 2009

This includes the downloadable map and schedule.

The only real change of note for this year is that ticket prices at the gate have gone up to $23 for adults and $11 for children.

At the gate is the worst place to buy tickets anyway, you should always get them at one of the outlets.

Sir David Falstaff
Captain, Texas Renaissance Festival Beefeaters