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Posts about things that make us laugh. Your mileage may vary, however…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


That’ll do, dog. That’ll do.

My favorite Picture from the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Funny Moment


Because, well you know.


Oktoberfest 2010 Wish I had a camera

Sunday afternoon three of the Quail went into the performer’s privy.

Apparently, although the high school provides the costumes, they don’t get to work with them much and/or no one explains to the girls how to deal with the large skirts in the privies. The girls solution was to unlace each other and step out of the dresses to go to the bathroom.

So I come around the corner … and in the middle of the privy there is one trash can and 3 court dresses standing up by themselves looking for all the world like some weird mushroom fairy ring. Empty court dresses standing in a circle.

I burst out laughing out loud.