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1st year #5 So Fast, He's a Blur Eye Candy in the 90's Afraid to Move Make-Way-Peasants-90s The Dark Fairy Christmas Decoration Abounds He's lost his head!

Jennifer O'Manion

Where’s my wellies?

I am not liking the forecast for Highland Fling. Looks like a Scots weather for sure.

Sunday 11/7 Traffic accident

Two performance company members involved.

Very sad.


Brrrr! Gonna be a cold one

I just saw the morning weather guy predicting 30’s Saturday morning. Just in time for Toga Weekend!

looking for the handwarmers…

Oktoberfest 2010 Wish I had a camera

Sunday afternoon three of the Quail went into the performer’s privy.

Apparently, although the high school provides the costumes, they don’t get to work with them much and/or no one explains to the girls how to deal with the large skirts in the privies. The girls solution was to unlace each other and step out of the dresses to go to the bathroom.

So I come around the corner … and in the middle of the privy there is one trash can and 3 court dresses standing up by themselves looking for all the world like some weird mushroom fairy ring. Empty court dresses standing in a circle.

I burst out laughing out loud.

Head of Security?

Any idea who will be head of security?
No one can take Bill Pendley’s place but someone must take the job.

RIP Elroy Forbes

Obit of Former TRF King and my cousin.
Which I had intended to post back in January but didn’t. For some reason I cannot get the picture to load.

OBIT from the Houston Chronicle


ELROY WESTVEER FORBES, JR. passed from this earthly plane Sunday, January 24, 2010. He was the son of Elroy Westveer Forbes, Sr. and Virginia Lee Triplet Tomlin. Born on May 28, 1940, he was the first of the family to be delivered at St. Joseph Hospital, Houston.He attended schools at Garden Villas (Houston), Manvel, and graduated from Alvin High School. Elroy attended The University of Texas briefly, served in the U.S. Navy from 1961 through 1966, and then graduated from the University of Houston in 1969.Elroy’s business career was as varied as his educational one. He was a in public relations, a publisher, an author, an actor, and a Renaissance Man. He was the Publisher of the Houston Scene Magazine in the mid-1970’s and 80’s. He relished the role of Santa Claus for the Foley’s Christmas Parade, Houston City Hall Tree Lighting, the Houston Symphony and for the lighting of the… Continue reading