2013 Attendance Statistics:

Week Friday Saturday Sunday Total
1 x 28,453 11,295 39,748
2 x 31,859 28,433 60,292
3 x 38,289 14,703 52,992
4 x 49,001 33,214 82,215
5 x 36,338 28,848 65,186
6 x 34,406 25,251 59,657
7 x 9,985 10,832 20,817
8 26,931 44,219 37,508 108,658
Totals: 26,931 272,550 190,084 489,565
School Days: 42,017 Grand Total: 531,582

Legend- rain day

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The attendance at the Texas Renaissance Festival is of special importance to the Beefeaters; it's what we do! Each visitor to New Market Village must have a Royal Invitation, (you would call it a ticket) and the Beefeaters ensure that they present it as they enter. We also courteously greet each guest as they enter, give them leave to exit and return, offer suggestions on where to go, and last, but most importantly, bid them a "fare thee well" as they leave.


One of the most often asked questions of a Beefeater (after "Where's the bathroom?" and "May I take your picture?") is "How many people are here today?" The answer for the last few years has been "A record number."


(If you are curious about some of the other often silly questions asked of the Beefeaters, check out our FAQ page).


If you are curious just how many people we greet each day of the fair, (as we often are at the end of a busy day hard at work) you'll find the answer here. Numbers will be updated by Monday morning during the festival, so check back then.