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Guarding the gates of the Texas Renaissance Festival are the Beefeaters. Stalwart defenders of the gates of New Market village, they are a small detachment of the finest of the Yeomen of the King’s Own Guard sent to New Market to secure the village for the King’s annual progress, and ensure only invited guests are admitted to the festivities. Flamboyant and raucous, their importance can not be overstressed, as they are the first of the King’s subjects that greet the guests on their way into the festival, and the last that they see as they start their journey home.

From the Captain of the Guard:

Good day to thee! and welcome to the Yeomanry web site of the Texas Renaissance Festival. During the festival season the patrons pass by us Beefeaters so quickly on their way in, we barely get to know them. We realize this is solely due to their eagerness to enter the grounds and festivitate, but we wanted to provide a chance for people to stop and get to know the men beneath the skirts. Enter our realm, and enjoy thy stay!

By The Numbers: 2017 Week Three

After what amounted to two opening weekends it was time to settle in for the rest of the run of the 2017 festival. Pirate weekend is a fan favourite and historically on the calendar this weekend can be a hot one. We weren’t disappointed on either count as a shipload of people had a hot time at the ole festival this week!

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By The Numbers: 2017 Week Two

After our new dates for opening in 2017 I wasn’t sure what to expect this week. Was it going to be like a second weekend or opening weekend? How would the weather affect the crowds? Continue reading

By The Numbers: 2017 Week One

This year I will be continuing my weekly By the Numbers series of discussions and comparisons about the Texas Renaissance Festival attendance and weather. This week was opening weekend of what I have playfully dubbed the Year of the Change.

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What’s New?

What’s new at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year? You’ve probably heard there has been a weekend added this year and the festival is opening a week earlier than in years previous, but Continue reading

By The Numbers: 2016 Week Eight

Great weather for the final weekend of the season, and with attendance records broken all season, we knew the final weekend was going to be a good one, and we were right! Continue reading